New! SCHAFTOL® Premium Gold

SCHAFTOL® Premium Gold

The ideal care treatment for all high quality woods. It provides excellent weatherproofing while preserving the wood`s orignal finish and protecting it against stains and rough spots. SCHAFTOL® Premium Gold soaks deeply into the wood whilst the grain retains its original appearance. The use of finest natural substances guaranties unmatched quality - ideal for care treatment of woods.

Premium Gold

In 2003 SCHAFTOL® celebrates its 75 year anniversary
as the leading treatment for precious wooden gunstock.
The Scherell family's history as gunsmiths goes back even further.
They have been associated over a period of several centuries
with the sport of shooting and other country pursuits for
German noble families and regents.

In 1834 it was Otto Scherell who founded
his company "Jagd- und Sportwaffenfirma Scherell & Co.".

SCHAFTOL was developed in the 1920s
on the basis of the daily practical experience.
At this time the Scherell gunsmiths experienced an extraordinary
successful period. As sport gun shooters they won
several German championships and as gunsmiths based in Berlin at
"Potsdamer Platz" and "Friedrichstrasse"
they supplied the Prussian court and became
suppliers of SCHAFTOL® throughout the world.

Their recipe was quite simple: the best natural ingredients of the
highest quality and refinement - only the best for the precious wooden gunstock.

SCHAFTOL® Premium Gold - the leading quality product -
preserving the original appearance of your gunstock.

The large 75 ml anniversary bottle edition
SCHAFTOL® Premium Gold
for a special "anniversary" offer price

Instruction manual Premium Gold:

Apply SCHAFTOL® Premium Gold onto the gunstock unsing an old linen cloth and let it soak into the wood. It stains or rough spots should have formed on the gunstock, use sandpaper until the surface is completely smoothed. Sanded parts must be thoroughtly moistened with water or, even better, vinegar. After drying, smooth the gunstock once more with sandpaper and subsequently apply SCHAFTOL® Premium Gold again. The more often you apply, the better the effect. The gunstock will regain its original appearance and have a beautiful dark and dull finish while beeing perfectly preserved.